Thursday, August 31, 2006

North Winds and a Change of Scenery

I met Eric Poreda at the Dunkin Donuts up the street at 5:05 this morning. The doors were still closed and there was a line: all fishermen waiting for some coffee to get their gears grinding. Among those present was Dave Bitters, who had nice things to say and reported that he felt the fish would be back in Kingston Bay this morning. By 5:15 we had our coffees and such and within minutes Eric and I were the first ones out on the dark, choppy water. Still dark.

We rode out to my beloved area where the cows were hanging over previous days. We managed 3 drifts before I told Eric that if they were there then we'd know it. So, on to the rip right along Saquish. It looked perfect, but it produced nothing. There was definitely a bit of a change with this 15 knot northerly.


"Well," I said. "Let's do what the man said and try Kingston Bay. It will definitely be calm back in there." Eric agreed (he would have agreed to any proposed location) and off we were towards flatter waters.

And they were there. Small bass with perhaps a few big ones mixed in. They were numerous, but difficult to coax. We switched from our surface plugs to rubber shads and minnows and this allowed us to hook about 10 fish each over the 45 minutes we spent there. Soon Bitters was there, the schools spanning most of the bay, and by 6:45, and boating a nice bluefish, we were on our way back towards Duxbury. Another stop at the P32 area to confirm that there were no fish available there today.

We did see some schools of fish up in the beach channel, near the bridge, but I had to get to work. It turned out that our friend, Don MacCauley, was there hooking small bass. He took his daughters out and one of them caught a 21" fluke. Later that night I was asked to stop by Don's house to instruct fluke fileting styles.

Off the water until Friday or Saturday. Storm (Ernesto) on the way.


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