Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Man Loses Only Keeper to Spasm and Nerves

Well, tonight I returned to P32. It was dark, rainy, and windy. I liked it.

But the fish were not as plentiful tonight. I felt it may have been the tides; they are moving forward and going neap. But nonetheless I headed straight out there on limited fuel, hoping to repeat another cow day.

First drift: nothing.

Second drift: two explosions after my Yo-Zuri plug.

Third drift: nothing.

...hmmm, what's going on here?

Fourth drift: Pop. Bang. Slurp....but my plug was yet to be consumed. Then, at the very end of the retrieve, where I simply raise the tip of the rod to keep the plug moving......BAM....BAM! And this amazing fish was on just inches from the boat. But this was a retarded situation: the fish was trying its best to dive deep, but my line was taught and high. So it couldn't dive and, in fact, half its body was above the plane of the water and that tail was going wild. ..for about 10 seconds. The bottom line is that the fish went ballistic and I got wet as a result. I almost netted the thing right there in mid-tantrum, but I wasn't thinking quickly enough.

The fish ran for some time. It was a nice one, about 34 inches and 20 lbs. It ran and ran, and I finally gained ground on him. I got him right up to the boat and pulled out the net.

First try: not close enough.

Second attempt with net: Oooh, just about in, but he slid out..some wave or something.

Third try: he's in, but as I spastically change hands with the net he slides out.

(the fish is exhausted, mind you)

Fourth attempt: fish just about in, but some fumbling and hesitation on my part gives fish opportunity for one last shake...and releases himself from the hooks.

He then swam over the net and downward towards safety.

Good for him!


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