Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Full Circle

Exactly one year ago this week I was fishing in Ireland with my brother-in-law, Chip, and two friends, Clive and Terry, who are both Welsh. Clive arranged the trip and the results included wonderful salmon, scenery, beers and whiskies, and a nice magazine article which was published last December in Ireland of the Welcomes.

Now, on July 4, I am home with my family. A hot, muggy day. I just cut the lawn after abandoning plans to head out for clams and lobsters with my son due to poor timing. I have been thinking about Ireland all day. Once in a lifetime.

The image shown above is the hotel we stayed in for that week, Healy's Hotel in Pontoon, County Mayo.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Nothing Stays The Same

(Tired and hot: minimal content)

Saturday morning: out on Don Gunster's boat with Alex M. The 23-foot Grady White is sleek, but sometimes difficult to manuever in shallow water.

In essence, the fishing was poor. We fished the Saquish/Bug/Plymouth Harbor area for two hours and only hooked up about 2 times each. The regular spots were poor. Boat traffic was increasing exponentially by the quarter-hour....wake, noise, and motion probably put the fish down.

We were all tired and not really into it. Some story telling occasionally sparked us up, but ennui was the norm.

Don and I both snagged the same lobster pot bouy -- of course, after telling stories of snagging lobster pot bouys.


In the afternoon I took my mom and son out to check the lobster pots. SW wind - a little rough. We got one nice sized lobster and my son enjoyed driving the boat.