Friday, June 02, 2006

June 11, 2006

Crazy day. Max, my son, celebrated his 9th birthday with friends at an indoor field house: flag football, pizza, and all that jazz. But today was the first real nice day in over a week as we had white puffy clouds and dry summer air blowing from the west. It was good to see the sun again.

So, I had to go fishing.

Alex Mansfield and I hit the water around 4:00 on a dropping tide (low at 5:54). The Nummet rip was quite energetic so we stopped there, a few drifts, then on anchor, and hooked a healthy number of 25" bass. Then to the lobster pots which surprisingly yeilded nothing except for spider crabs and one, small black seabass.

Anyway, putting kids to bed now and wishing weekends were longer.



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