Sunday, April 23, 2006

April 22, 2006: Even Finer

We were initially ambivalent about going, but once Alex and I returned from some early morning surveying along the Jones River, we felt the fishing bug return and had decided to join Matt down on Buzzards Bay. So, we pulled our boat out of Duxbury Harbor (approaching storm) and did some maintenence work on the thing in the driveway, and then made plans with Matt to be initiated into one of his favorite early season striper and bluefish spots a little ways south.

The day pretty much deteriorated into cold, clammy conditions with an east wind that held steady at 15 kts. Some sprinkles came and went as low-hanging horizontal bands of rain clouds skirted overhead at frequent intervals. However, where we were on Buzzards Bay was fairly well shielded from the wind and we could cast to the prime spots without much trouble.

The fishing picked up immediately. Every 10 minutes we were into small/medium striped bass almost every cast, then 10 to 20 minutes of nothing. We drank some beer, which we left vulnerable to the eyes of various family visits; the kids would come out to the end of the walkway to ask us about fishing, etc. Kind of cheesy behavior on our part - the beer and all. But we continued to fish in the aweful weather.

Then Matt hooked the big bass. A 33-inch long striper that kept him busy for some time. He was quite happy about this and before letting it go, he asked us if we wanted it. "Sheeyaah! Definitely, we'll take the fish!" (Matt, a fervent fisherman, doesn't like to eat "seafood".)

The action died not long after and we wrapped things up and headed back to our homes. I fileted the fish early the next morning and dropped off one of them to Alex. It was a thrill to grill this first keeper of the year. Hopefully, many more to come.


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